Used And Vintage Old Wood Cook Stoves

Are you interested in buying one of the old wood cook stoves that are for sale today? Did you know that you can shop for old wood cook stoves online? You will need to do some research to make sure you are getting your old wood cook stove from a dependable seller. 

Photo:  Old Wood Cook Stove

There is a nice selection of online antique sellers to work with when you are seeking a top quality old wood cook stove.

About Old Wood Cook Stoves

You will need to make sure that the stoves you are interested in comply with modern standards for safety.  Once you have located the wood cook stoves online that interest you, and then you have to find out if the stove is a working stove or one that is used for a display piece only.  In addition, you will need to find out if the stove comes with all of the necessary piping to install the stove or if you have to invest in the stove pipe separately.  If you do not know how to install the stove and the company selling the stove does not install them, you will also want to conduct research on who can professionally install the stoves for you.

So who do old wood cook stoves appeal too?  First, old wood cook stoves are historic appliances, so they will prove appealing to museums or historical destinations looking to create a look and feel belonging to a specific time period.  Old wood cook stoves, whether refinished or not, can be found in historical museums, historical inns or other historic sites offering accommodations, and they can be found in period kitchens.

People that own living farms sometimes invest in old wood cook stoves.  In addition, many people that want a heating appliance in their workshop add old wood cook stoves to their work environment; this allows them to heat an area in an economically convenient fashion.  Further, sometimes older libraries that want to create a nostalgic atmosphere add refinished old cook wood stoves, either as décor or for use in heating the location.

People that own their own homes also invest in old wood cook stoves too.  Since the old wood cook stove offers up the dual services of heating the home and allowing a person to cook, a homeowner can get more out of their monetary investment in one of the many, attractive old cook woodstoves available today.  If you own a historic home or if you want to restore your home to its former historic glory, you might also consider adding one of the countless old wood cook stoves for sale.

Old wood cook stoves may not be right for every location or individual however.  You must remember that you will either have to buy firewood or cut it yourself to operate an old wood cook stove.  In addition, you have to take the time to maintain and clean an old wood cook stove, including the stove pipe, on a regular basis.  You will need to be skilled at, not only starting a fire, but also maintaining it to ensure that the fire continues to burn throughout the day or night; this is particularly true if you plan to heat the home with the old wood cook stove that you buy.  While it may sound easy to start a fire and to keep it burning, it takes patience to get a fire going and to keep it going, especially through the night.  You will have to wake up periodically to make sure that the fire is burning; you also have to monitor the stove pipe temperature to ensure that the fire is not burning too hot.

Finding Old Wood Cook Stoves Online

Good Time Stove Company

The Good Time Stove Company sells old wood cook stoves, heating stoves, and gas electric conversions.  This company has old wood cook stoves manufactured by Glenwood, Village Crawford, Castle Crawford, Freedom, Magic Hub, Oakland, Queen City, Home Comfort, US Army Range, and others.  This company with established in the early 1970s; and is a family operated business that specializes in offering fully restored and fully operational old wood cook stoves, kitchen ranges, and heating stoves.  The Good Times Stove Company sells their products to living farms, museums, historic homes, workshops, libraries, bed & breakfasts, and period kitchens.  For more information visit http://www.goodtimestove.com.

Elmira Stove Works

Elmira Stove Works was established in the early 1970s.  This company handcrafts appliances according to your specifications and they sell Fireview, airtight, high-efficiency old wood cook stoves.  These stoves can be used as a room heater or they can be used for the purposes of cooking.  When the stove is in operation, you can view the fire through the window on the stove’s door.  The stoves are created with an optional water jacket if you desire.  You also have the option of having side gas burners added to the device as well.  For more information visit http://www.elmirastoveworks.com/.

More Old Wood Cook Stoves Online

Weiss Antique Stoves

Weiss antique stoves specialize in the sale of old wood cook stoves, antique stoves, pot belly stoves, gas heaters, cook stoves, locators, parlor stove, and Franklin stoves.  They also specialize in the sale of Magic Chef 8 stoves, Magic Chef 6 ranges, Magic Chef 4 stoves, Magic Chef Gas ranges, Magic Chef Gas stoves, antique gas heaters, and antique oak heaters.  You can choose from the Canadian Tile Back, the Copper Clad, the Dispatch, the Majestic, the Monarch, the Pilgrim, the Shill, the Sterling, the Wyoming Dockash, and others.  This company is located in Laramie, Wyoming.  For more information visit http://www.antiquestovesonline.com/.


AntiqueStoves.com has a complete supply of antique stoves including old wood cook stoves.  You can shop for a gas stove, wood cook stoves, new wood cook stoves, wood and gas stoves, pull stoves, parlor stoves, historic stoves, utilities stoves, and not yet restored stoves.  Old wood cook stove options includes Home Comfort stoves.  New models by Kitchen Queen, Ashland Wood, Meal Master, Pioneer Princess, Pioneer Maid, Baker’s Oven, Gem Pack, Margin Gem, and Hergom Deva are offered.  This company is located in Tekonsha, Michigan.  For more information visit http://www.antiquestovesonline.com/.