New Wood Cook Stoves

Few images are more reminiscent of a simpler, bygone era than to see old wood cook stoves being used to prepare a meal, or to heat water. For those consumers seeking to replicate that feel in their own modern kitchens, there are websites featuring a myriad of styles and designs of stoves that resemble old wood cook stoves, but are actually new.

Photo:  Old Wood Cook Stove

The sheer range of sizes and prices of these old-style stoves might surprise you, and these new-construction old wood cook stoves are very efficient consumers of fuel and can really radiate a lot of heat. These websites are a sampling of the best vendors you can find on the web.

Cook Stoves Making A Comeback

Obadiah’s Woodstoves

Consumers new to the market may be pleased to discover the range of options available to them when considering the purchase of newly constructed old wood cook stoves.  Models include the Baker’s Choice Wood Cook Stove, an economical classic designed for burning wood or coal. The Baker’s Oven Wood Cook Stove is a combination classic wood oven, stove heater and cooktop that can easily heat a 700-900 square foot space.

The Esse Ironheart Wood Cook Stove allows cooking temperature to be reached in just 60 minutes from a cold start; the oven temperature is simple to regulate, via a simple push/pull lever. The Flame View Wood Burning Cook Stove is a gorgeous stove that bears a strong resemblance to antique cookers, and can heat a 1,500 square foot space with ease. The Gem Pack Cookstove is Amish-made, and has an add-on option of several types of water reservoirs, in addition to many other possible upgrades like thermostatic control. The Kitchen Queen Cookstove is capable of heating a huge 2,000 square foot space, and when properly connected to a large hot water tank, its heat exchanger can heat water for your entire house!

Other models available are Margin Gem Wood Cook Stove, Pioneer Maid Wood Cook Stove, Napoleon 1150 Wood Cook Stove, Pioneer Princess Wood Cook Stove, and the Vermont Bun Baker Wood Cook Stove. Visit the Obadiah’s Woodstoves website today, at www.woodstoves.net/cookstoves.htm to see thumbnail images of all available models of new-construction old wood cook stoves, plus comprehensive information on ordering, shipping, additional options and prices.

Stoves & More

Stoves & More is positioning itself as the pre-eminent source for new-construction old wood cook stoves, specifically for those consumers who opt to live “off the grid.” If the thought of cooking on a wood stove is daunting, Stoves & More offers a DVD for purchase complete with instructions so even the most inexperienced cook will become a pro in no time!

The models for sale at Stoves & More include the Flameview 2011-B Wood Cook Stove, a powerful model that can also heat a 2,000 square foot space with ease, and a special high-temperature glass door on the firebox that lets you watch and enjoy your fire. The Flame View 2010-W Cook Stove is a similar model, that features butter plate warmers, also comes in white. The Flame View 2015-B is compact, economical to operate, and comes standard with a glass front door. This little powerhouse can heat up to 1,800 square feet and comes with a limited one-year warranty.

Other models are the Gem Pac 2020-W, the Margin Gem 2002-B, the Margin Gem 2002-A, the Margin Gem 2001-W, the Pioneer Maid, the Pioneer Princess, and the Baker’s Choice. Each of these models has a complete description so side-by-side feature comparisons are a snap. There are so many additional options that can be added to each stove model it is amazing! Each shopper can customize the stove that is right for him or her, ensuring all-around satisfaction. All products and prices are available for review at their website, www.stovesandmore.com/index.php/products/stoves-a-heaters. The staff of Stoves & More is ready and willing to answer all questions so customers buy the perfect old wood cook stoves for their needs.

Popular Wood Cook Stoves Information


This website has it all, including an “Appraisals” tab, so customers can see how much their old stoves might be worth, to a “Parts Wanted” tab so the staff at AntiqueStoves.com can let the general community know what parts they are sourcing for the restoration arm of their business. This website also caters to off-grid living enthusiasts, and is proud to promote products that are reliable and cost-effective choices to support that lifestyle. Models of new-construction old wood cook stoves available at AntiqueStoves.com include the Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove, the Ashland Wood Cook Stove, several models of Margin Wood Cook Stoves, the Baker’s Oven Wood Cook Stove, the Deva Cook Stove, several models of Pioneer Wood Cook Stoves, and the Knox Mealmaster Wood/Coal Cook Stove, which can utilize both coal and wood.

The Deva boasts a 2.47 cubic foot oven, enameled cast iron surfaces, and single oven temperature and air-intake controls. The Ashland features an easy-to-read thermometer for the oven and stove, a one-piece heavy plate top, and a water front for hot water systems. The Pioneer Maid can heat a 2,000 square foot space, has fingertip controls for precise temperature adjustments and has an optional warming closet that keeps food at ready to serve temperatures. The Margin models are uniformly beautiful to look at, and evoke bygone eras with their classical styling. This product line features a proprietary fuel reburn system to drastically reduce problems from creosote buildup. Visit AntiqueStoves.com home on the web, at www.antiquestoves.com/general%20store/generalstore.index.htm to compare prices, models and features.

Old Wood Cook Stoves Are A Popular Item

Judging by the quantity and quality of the offerings that can be sourced on the web, new stoves that resemble the style of old wood cook stoves are gaining in popularity among consumers of all types, trendsetters and survivalists alike. There are a variety of models, features and prices to fit almost every need. A host of resources is also available at most websites to help new customers learn how to get the most out of their new purchases.